Hi there, we are Muse School of Music!

Muse School of Music was created in Alaska when two lifelong musicians, Eddie and Cara, joined forces to offer a fresh, new approach in music instruction to the local community. Although they came from very different musical backgrounds when each started teaching independently in the early 2000's, Eddie and Cara found their teaching philosophies were uncannily aligned. After countless discussions, deliberations, and debates about what was missing from the standard music education process, they knew they had to bring their innovative teaching methods to the local Alaskan community and Muse School of Music was born!

"Now this is a real music school!" --Lily G, guitar student

Why the name Muse?

We believe everyone has a "muse". This is the source of creative inspiration you innately possess. Yes, you my friend have a muse! Beyond the mythic idea of a muse as some separate being outside yourself, your inherent muse is your personal source of inspiration. It's what allows you to appreciate and identify with art and music in the world around you. It's the force behind your urge to express yourself creatively. In this case, it's the spark that led you to seek out knowledge and guidance to satisfy your urge to create music. 

That's where we come in! 

Muse School of Music will ignite your inspiration, teach you the skills you need to harness your natural creativity, and help you discover your inherent musical potential--in other words, we'll help you channel YOUR inner Muse!

  What kind of teachers are at Muse?

The kind who care if you are truly learning! It's our opinion that students should not be resigned only to memorizing a string of songs fed rote-style with no explanation about how music works. YouTube's got that covered! At Muse, you will instead get educated in music. In fact, all of our instructors are themselves college educated musicians, but they also bring real world playing experience to lessons and readily share it with students. 

At Muse, teachers are versed in both contemporary and classical music: these styles collectively provide a broad knowledge base for each of us to draw from and impart to our students. Additionally, our teachers have performed publicly, done solo work, provided accompaniment, written and arranged music, and done ensemble conducting--but you'll often find us just playing for our own entertainment! 

What are lessons and classes like?

Fun, focused, and functional! And definitely not cookie cutter. Students will get a solid foundation in music as a whole, as well as on their instrument, but we don't expect every student to fit into the same mold. Teachers draw from multiple educational sources as well as share their own practical knowledge and skills to give students a unique multi-faceted experience in music making. Since all good music teachers understand that we learn from our students, there is continuous evolution in our teaching methods at Muse as we implement new ideas and that emerge in teaching our very own students. These ideas are shared among our teachers which results in our collective instruction constantly improving. Above all, Muse students' musical intelligence is respected, and we appreciate that every individual presents a new opportunity for us all to grow and further hone our approach. 

"Eddie is a man who lives and breathes his guitar. Great instructor." 

--Dagmar M, guitar student/ parent

Who can attend Muse School of Music?

All people! We have taught kids as young as 4, through adult beginners in their 70's! We teach experienced students of all ages as well, including those auditioning to get into school jazz band, honor choir, and acceptance to college music programs. Adults who just want to learn to play Christmas songs, or anyone hoping to be able to play with friends or in a worship band receive solid, universal instruction at Muse which they can use for all manner of recreational and informal group music settings. We have also worked with students with physical limitations, hearing and vision issues, and other unique learning needs.

How do I get a feel for working with my teacher?

Some students want to jump right in and get lessons started, especially as gung-ho beginners. Often, that can work just fine, but sometimes it's good to break the ice and have a chance to get introduced first. In those cases, an initial consultation is scheduled so the student can get acquainted with the instructor, as well as get familiar with the studio environment. This time gives the instructor a chance to assess a student's musical background, individual interests, and unique needs ahead of starting lessons.

What are the rates for lessons and classes?                


We have an array of pricing options! Tuition rates for lessons reflect the experience level of the teacher and the duration of lesson time. Monthly lesson tuition ranges from $140/month to $240/month, and lessons run continuously month-to-month. 

Instruction ranges anywhere from very intensive private guitar lessons with a seasoned pro and accompanying custom curriculum, to piano lessons with a college-educated church pianist who is also a traditional ukulele player newly exploring the world of teaching private lessons.


Classes are a fun and collaborative option at Muse, and can run anywhere from 4-8 weeks. Some classes will be held once per week, others multiple times. Tuition for each class will cover the entirety of the course, along with materials, and will be listed with the class description.

"Best school in town!" --Rich S, guitar student

Discover your muse .

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