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Muse School of Music has a mission to teach our students to enjoy and explore music and also to understand true musicianship. 

Everyone who begins to study music finds that learning to play songs is fun. If this is as far as their education goes, however, they soon discover that they never actually learned to play music. This is where learning at Muse makes all the difference.

The instructors at Muse believe students need a true understanding of the way music functions in order to be musicians who function. We share the philosophy that students will respond best when learning music they enjoy and will blossom when challenged to try a variety of styles. Students are encouraged to practice material covered in the lesson but also to experiment on their instruments in order to hone ear-training skills and discover their own approach to learning and playing music. 

Since a student’s first experience with music lessons is a critical time, we are careful to keep students excited about music. Students must be interested in order to learn. We take this seriously, knowing that each learning experience shapes the overall outcome. At the Muse School of Music, our goal is to make music education exhilarating while providing a structured approach that achieves tangible results and helps our students realize their dreams!
Eddie Dorman
Cara Walsh, piano instructor
Cara Walsh, Muse School of Music piano instructor and co-owner, tailors her lessons to each student's specific musical taste while providing both classical and contemporary training.
Eddie Dorman, Muse School of Music guitar instructor and co-owner, writes his own curriculum lesson by lesson in order to teach each student in a progressive and personalized way.
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