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Hear from our students and families who love learning at Muse!

Muse Parent

We are so thrilled to have found Muse School of Music! After going through a few different teachers/music studios in Anchorage, I feel like we have finally found our musical home.

Cara has been an absolute dream of a teacher to my three sons. Her passion for music and teaching, coupled with her kind heart and genuine spirit, have been so refreshing to see. Cara brings her very best to each lesson. She strives to structure each lesson to be engaging, challenging, and FUN!

When we come to Muse, Cara and Eddie always greet us with warm smiles and a sincere interest in our family. Muse School of Music is truly a gem. I cannot imagine a better place for my children to learn a lifetime of love for piano. Thank you, Muse!”

- Diana H, parent of 3 piano students

Adult Muse Student

"As an older (50+) student returning to music after a lifetime mostly absent from trying to actually learn anything useful, I have found Muse School of Music to be a perfect fit. I am taking both guitar and singing lessons. Both are going very well, removing decades of bad habits, and developing the right knowledge and skills to move forward effectively.

Eddie (guitar) has been amazing at helping me truly understand how the guitar is set up and works as a musical instrument. This knowledge has made learning the physical skills (and tunes) move along more in the last several months than they have as a hack over most of my life. He has been very good at recognizing what I've learned before, and leveraging it to help me move forward through the much larger amount of things I had not learned well (or at all, or incorrectly). Eddie's patience, teaching skills, and knowledge are amazing, and exactly what I have been needing to make musical progress.

Briana (vocal) has done an excellent job working with me as a completely experience-free singer. The recordings I made of myself, early on and now, are hardly even recognizable as the same person (in a very good way). She and I are musical opposites in almost every conceivable way, but this has not stopped Briana from being able to work very effectively with me and get me moving in the direction I want to go as a singer: I could not be more impressed.

If you are on the older side of life and looking to pick up music from wherever you left off when you were younger, or just picking it up for the first time, definitely give Muse School of Music a try. If you think you are too busy or too old to learn how to play an instrument or sing, are wrong!

- David H, adult guitar/ voice student

Teen Muse Student

"Since starting piano lessons with Cara at Muse, I’ve learned so much. I began lessons at the age of 7 and have stuck with it to the current age of 17. Working with my teacher is not like being in class where the teacher just talks all the time. Cara helps as she tries to challenge students to work at whatever troubles us. 

Being able to listen to songs, pulling out chords, and learning the melodies by ear are things I didn’t think I would be able to do. But just recently I started doing so. Yes, it takes a lot of knowledge about chord progressions and key signatures to be able to learn songs by ear, but each individual is able to do so if they take the time to learn the theory and the basics. 

Muse has been in my life since I can remember. My mom and older brother have also attended. My brother sadly ended, but since then, has always told me he regrets quitting, and that I should stick with piano because it’s a special talent to have. Not only is it about playing the piano but you learn much more than that; you learn the theory behind the music which makes it much easier to compose your own music.

The teachers take time to learn about each individual student so you don’t feel like you’re a stranger when you go in for lessons. Muse School of Music has always been a great place, and continues to be."

- Anny A, teen piano student

Muse Parent

"Jagger has been a guitar student with Eddie at Muse School of Music for the last two years. His favorite thing about lessons is how entertaining, interesting, and energetic Mr. Eddie is with his students. Jagger loves learning because Muse makes lessons fun. He has learned songs from some of his favorite bands and when he hears those songs on the radio, he feels as if he has accomplished something huge. The teachers at Muse do more than teach their students to play an instrument; they incite a love for learning and a major boost in confidence within each man, woman and child they work with. Jagger appreciates Muse and looks forward to learning more at his guitar lessons each week.

Jett has been attending piano lessons with Cara for two fun-filled years! He loves that his lessons are always challenging but never overwhelming. Jett was only 5 years old when he started lessons, so Cara always found songs that would strengthen his abilities and keep him learning without losing his attention or focus. Muse provides an amazing learning experience tailored to their individual students’ needs and interests. We, as a family, love Cara’s patience, kindness, and enthusiasm. Jett hopes to continue taking lessons from Muse until he’s “really old... like at least 16 or maybe 40” and can play the finale song at the annual piano recital."

- Brittany J, parent of guitar & piano students

Adult Muse Student

"I've been taking piano lessons with Cara at Muse School of Music for three years. I've been amazed at how much my piano playing has improved. Beyond just learning to play songs, Cara teaches music theory, how to have good technique, and tips and tricks to figuring out harder pieces. I've taken lessons with several teachers and can say definitively that my lessons at Muse are the most well-rounded and helpful. Cara is a skilled teacher who is very supportive and positive. I highly recommend this studio."

- Laurel A, adult piano student

Teen Muse Student

"Thank you so much for the time you've spent teaching me how to strengthen and use my voice. I would have never guessed before that there was a certain way to breathe when singing! I love singing and look forward to voice lessons every single week. You wouldn't believe what it's done for my confidence outside of lessons as well, and I thank you for that, as well as for your patience and advice."

- Sage B, teen voice student

Adult Muse Student

"The teachers at Muse are wonderful. Very patient teaching style that is suited for both children and adults. The school has a laid-back vibe and the teachers ensure that each student feels they are getting adequate attention to be able to learn and improve from week to week."

- Rachel M, adult piano student

Muse Parent 

"I've known Eddie for years and highly recommend him. I took lessons from him and now my daughter takes lessons. He provides a very informative lesson while keeping it light-hearted enough and engaging, that adults and children alike actually enjoy learning. 10 out of 10."

- Matt F, parent of guitar student

Middle School Muse Student

"Ms. Cara is the BEST teacher ever! I'm in my 5th year and still love playing the piano. She is so patient and understanding. She teaches me in a way that I always learn and improve, and we always have so much fun! Thank you!"

- Max G, middle school piano student

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